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sketchbook doodle.

sketchbook doodle. is it overly obnoxious to slap a red tie on there & call this dude a “reptublican”?

some concept art scraps from current animation project. the big yelling face dude/cave is based on an orcus mouth in the gardens of bomarzo.

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attn xtreme web surfers: go love on VIA's marchmadness animated gif tourney at http://tgif.via-pgh.com/# & vote on all the sicko gif splatter. be sure to check out a simplified version of the above Totem Loop under michris pismucci (me + chrismucci) over on the top right!

a few new animation backgrounds! details on this piece coming soon.

Collaborative work with my way-too-talented partner mod-evil. These pieces are part of her new Roving Beast collection, all available here!

Psychopomp Series: Triptych | 2014

Each piece is 14” x 17”, pens & markers on bristol.

Prints of these available here!

Psychopomp Series: Skull Studies | 2014

Psychopomp Series done! I’ll post the rest of these drawings next week. For now, here’s the 3rd big (14” x 17”) illustration.

2nd Psychopomp Series drawing done. Come see the whole series + some animations + the truly amazing work of mod-evil + chrismucci on exhibit through March at Assemble! Opening this Friday, 3/7!

animation assets coming together! in-progress clips of this piece will be on display at assemble 3/7 - 3/29, show & venue details here.

2nd Psychopomp Series drawing underway!

mocking up some titles for a new animation.