Michael Pisano | Art

Japan Flowchart | 2008

Hungry | 2014

8” x 8”, Acrylic + Pen + Markers on Panel

Prints available here!

Started a new drawing!

Character concept and production art by Michael Pisano for animated short/music video, Loss (2014) | Click here to watch!

Prints available via inprnt right over here!

Loss | 2014

Music video for Mark Mangini's 2014 release, “Loss”. Animation + Video by Michael Pisano.

Psychopomp Walk Cycles | 2014

From a music video for Mark Mangini's 2014 release, “Loss,” premiering tonight at Pittsburgh Filmmakers! Screening details here. Full video forthcoming on my vimeo.

Concept art for these guys here.

a few stills from my latest, so-close-to-finished animation project. it’s a music video for wonderful wonderful human mark mangini's forthcoming 7”, “loss”, which will be available soon as limited edition vinyl (along w/a dvd of this animation!).

i’ll be premiering the piece on may 13th @ film kitchen, a screening series at pittsburgh filmmakers (melwood theater). reception at 7, showing starts at 8!

melting stag skull.

pulsating gross animal heads.

sketchbook doodle.

sketchbook doodle. is it overly obnoxious to slap a red tie on there & call this dude a “reptublican”?

some concept art scraps from current animation project. the big yelling face dude/cave is based on an orcus mouth in the gardens of bomarzo.

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a few new animation backgrounds! details on this piece coming soon.